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Check Engine Light On?

San Antonio Auto Repair Mechanic - Check Engine Light On?

Check Engine Light On? Don’t Panic – But Don’t Ignore That Light!

Sergeant Clutch offers a Free Engine Light Code Retrieval Scan. Once our professional ASE Certified Mechanic completes the Diagnostic Test of your vehicles onboard computer system. He will discuss what options you have to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Free Check Engine Light Diagnostic Check

San Antonio Auto Repair Shops - Free Diagnostic Check

All modern vehicles are equipped with OBII Onboard Computer Systems that monitor all the critical systems in your car or truck. When a problem is detected the Check Engine Light will come on notifying the driver something is going wrong.

Your vehicle’s check engine light can be triggered for hundreds of reasons that vary in significance. It can activate for something as simple as a loose gas cap, loose wire, O2 Oxygen Sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Cylinder Misfire, Insufficient EGR flow, or something serious like a transmission problem.

Bring your vehicle by Sergeant Clutch Discount Auto Repair & Transmission Shop for a Free Check Engine Light Diagnostic Check.

Sergeant Clutch Discount Auto Repair & Transmission Shop - San Antonio TX


6557 Wazlem Road (Corner of New World)

San Antonio, Texas 78239

Call 24 Hours 210-239-1600