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Auto Belt Replacement Service In San Antonio, Texas

When you’re Car, Truck or Suv requires new belts count on the expert mechanics at Sergeant Clutch Discount Auto Repair Shop. We will take the time to properly diagnose any problems ith your belts and inform you of your belt replacement options.

Are you hearing a screeching noise when you start your vehicle? It might be the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is also known as the drive belts that provide power to the air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, cooling fan, air injection pump, and more. Get the quality personal service you deserve. Call us today and find out why Sergeant Clutch is highly recommend by friends and family. Stop by our huge 6,600 square foot shop located at 6557 Walzem Road in San Antonio, Texas.

When compared to other components in your car belts have one of the shortest life spans. These items are constantly exposed to engine heat, vehicle vibrations, and harmful chemicals, which all have the potential to cause cracks and breakage.

Some symptoms to be aware of for belts nearing failure include squeaking, screeching, or grinding noises that begin when starting your engine or appear during vehicle operation. It's worth noting that grinding sounds near belts are usually associated with a bad pulley bearing rather than the belt itself, as the pulley bearing may freeze up and ultimately lead to a belt replacement.

Other symptoms of a bad belt include loss of power, illuminated dashboard lights, rising steam from the engine, and air conditioning failure. While routine maintenance of belts is always important, summertime is an especially important season to keep an eye under the hood due to increased temperatures, which will accelerate deterioration of the rubber components. Since belts can be difficult to inspect visually, be sure to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for scheduled maintenance or bring your vehicle by our shop for a Belt Inspection.

Belt Replacement Service in SA, TX

Your vehicle’s belts are involved in processes within the cooling system, air conditioning system, charging system, and engine. These belts play crucial roles in functional operations inside your vehicle.

The timing belt is responsible for maintaining engine precision by synchronizing the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft, which move the engine’s valves and pistons. However, not all vehicles contain timing belts. In place of timing belts, some vehicles use timing chains. On the outside of the engine, the serpentine belt transmits power from the front of the engine to other systems in the vehicle, like the air conditioning system and charging system.

Some factors that contribute to wear and tear on your belts include vehicle age, mileage, belt tension, and oil contamination.

In the long run, routine maintenance and replacements of your vehicle’s belts will prevent breakdowns and costly repairs.

  • Alternator Belt
  • Drive Belt
  • A/C Belt
  • Serpentine Belt
  • Water Pump Belt
  • Power Steering Belt
  • Fan Belt
  • Alternator Belt Replacement
  • Drive Belt Replacement
  • A/C Belt Replacement
  • Serpentine Belt Replacement
  • Water Pump Belt Replacement
  • Power Steering Belt Replacement
  • Fan Belt Replacement
  • Timing Belt Replacement

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