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Motor Oil Change & Lube Service

San Antonio Motor Oil Change Service - Sergeant Clutch  Repair Shop in San Antonio, Texas offers motor oil change services. During the motor oil change process our certified auto mechanic will perform a Courtesy Performance Check which includes visual check of engine, air filter, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant / antifreeze, belts and hoses. For a reliable motor oil change service call Sergeant Clutch carry conventional motor, high mileage motor oil, semi-synthetic motor oil, full synthetic motor oil, Royal Purple, oil stabilizer additives and motor flush kits. Prices start at $99.95 and up call for an estimate.

Motor oil is a lubricant that keeps your vehicle functioning properly. Motor oil plays an essential role in the engine of your vehicle, where it helps alleviate friction between various moving components. Without the protective layer that motor oil provides, the heat created from friction would melt an engine’s parts together. As motor oil runs through your vehicle’s system, it also collects sludge, grime, and other contaminants that can harm the engine. In turn, the motor oil filter catches these contaminants and helps to prevent them from mixing with the motor oil. However, the filter can only hold so much. Over time, the small bits and miscellaneous muck will break down the filter’s defenses. When this happens, the result is dirty motor oil. In addition to being less effective overall, dirty motor oil can cause permanent damage to some parts of your vehicle. As such, motor oil and filter changes are considered an important part of vehicle maintenance.

Are you in need of a motor oil and filter change or uncertain about the last time you had this service done? Allow us to help. Our expert staff can tend to your vehicle and assist you with any questions you may have in regard to our motor oil change and filter change process. If you are uncertain about what grade of motor oil is best for your vehicle, or if you are curious about the differences between synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional oil, we are happy to share our knowledge. Similarly, we can go over the micron ratings of different oil filters to help match you with the best possible oil filter. Simply contact us 210-239-1600.

BEWARE of Cheap Motor Oil Change Specials! They may end up cost you more money down the road. Not all motor oil is the same. Don’t trust your vehicles motor to cheap oil.

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